Gaskamin Kosten - Lohnt sich der Kauf?

Gas fireplace costs - worth buying?

Who does not like to be sitting comfortably on a cold winter day in front of a warm fireplace? But conventional fireplaces that are operated with wood require a tremendous effort that many people underestimate - ranging from structural requirements and their acceptance to the wood chop. Both electricity and gas fireplaces, on the other hand, are a much easy-to-care variant to exude a comfortable heat and an atmospheric room ambience. This will also be the reason why gas fireplaces become more popular.

Usually, conventional chimneys are sufficient to connect a gas fireplace. In addition, a gas fireplace is benefited from a high ease of use compared to a conventional stove. To increase time switches and remote controls the comfort and attractiveness of gas fireplaces. By a simple push of a button, their own four walls can be transformed into a feel-good atmosphere. Nonetheless, the cost of gas fireplaces may not be ignored. Therefore, it is advantageous to illuminate the acquisition and operating costs more accurately in order to ultimately be able to make an optimal purchase decision.

What are the cost of gas fireplaces dependent on?

In order to be able to make an optimal purchase decision, several criteria must be taken into account, including the criterion of costs falls. Here you should distinguish between acquisition costs and ongoing costs. A gas fireplace is operated depending on the manufacturer with LPG or natural gas, so that the running costs are dependent on several factors. On the one hand, the consumption of gas and the associated heat output of the gas fireplace is crucial. Of course, factors such as the frequency of use, room size and the isolation of the room play a crucial role here. Accordingly, the individual consumption of gas can be greater or smaller. On the other hand, the price for gas is crucial. There are many different gas providers on the market, which also vary the gas prices.

What costs are for a gas fireplace?

In order to be able to judge the costs for a gas fireplace, one must also distinguish between acquisition costs and ongoing costs.

The acquisition costs of gas fireplaces differ depending on the model and equipment. The most common models are within a priced frame of 2,000 to 6,000 euros.

Looking at the operating costs, at a three to four-hour evening before a gas fireplace, according to the central association of German chimney sweep energy costs of around 2 euros. However, this price may vary, depending on how the prices of gas providers behave. A gas stove with a heating capacity of approx. 6 kW, however, is quite favorable with 60 cents. In addition, it should be noted that in the combustion of gas hardly precipitates and even in regular use only very little dirt falls.

Compare with classic wood fireplaces calculate experts for four hours of about 1.65 euros. Accordingly, wood fireplaces are minimally cheaper, but cause a much larger effort. In addition, the required storage capacities for wood may not be disregarded at a cost-performance account.

Conclusion to gas fireplace costs

Gas fireplaces are minimally more expensive compared to wood fireplaces. However, considering the cost power factor, gas fireplaces are a very good alternative with a significantly reduced effort. If you would like to combine a high fit comfort with the advantages of a cozy fireplace, you will find the appropriate solution with a gas stove.

But there is also another alternative that combines the advantages of gas fireplaces and is not necessary at the same time.
Electrocampe offer all the advantages that also bring gas fireplaces. They are easy to care for and no storage capacities are required for fuels. In addition, electrocamines have the property of no deduction or chimney, so that neither acceptance nor permits are necessary and assembly can be assembled in any space. ThereGas fireplaceDue to the fire, always have a security risk, electric fireplaces represent a practical and very safe alternative.Even from cost -technical points of view, electrocamines are no longer a power guzzler nowadays and are also a significantly cheaper alternative with regard to the acquisition costs. Read here In another blog post more about electrocamines and their electricity costs.


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