Elektrokamine - Stromverbrauch und Kosten

Electric camins - power consumption and costs

Since during operation of ElectrocaminsIn contrast to conventional wood fireplaces, costs for electricity are incurred, the selection of an electrocamin in addition to the acquisition costs also play the power consumption a crucial role. However, the electricity costs of electrocamines depend on some factors. Below we have summarized some factors that you can consider before buying.

What does the power consumption of an electrocamine depend on?

On the one hand, the power consumption depends on the heating power of the respective chimney. The heating power is different from model to model. The heating performance of our electrocampins can be set between 1 kW and 2 kW. In addition, the amount of electricity consumption is also dependent on the type of use and how much is heated with the electrocamin.Decisive here is whether the fireplace is used as the sole heating source or much more serves as a deco element.For most models, you can decide if the fireplace should run only with flame play and without heating or with heating. The electricity consumption of the electrocamin is much lower if only the flame effect is running. If the heating power is put into operation, it also depends on whether the fireplace serves only as additional heating or as the sole heating. The amount of electricity costs ultimately also results from the respective electricity tariff as each electricity provider requires different prices per kWh.

Which electricity costs are incurred?

The concrete electricity costs are composed of the average power consumption of the flame effect and the average power consumption of the heater. The power consumption of the flame clearance is relatively low and depends on the model of the electrocamin. Depending on the model, costs amounting to approx. 2 - 9 cents per hour. When used in addition to the flame effect, the heating power is used, the power consumption increases, which is dependent on the switched height of the power. For a heating capacity of 1 kW, costs of approx. 25 cents per hour are incurred and about 50 cents at 2 kW. As already mentioned, the costs are also related to the electricity tariff of the household.

Advantages over other heating methods

Although electrocampines cause additional electricity costs, they provide crucial benefits compared to other heating methods. Because they create an additional feel-good atmosphere and clean heat, without annoying dirt like smoke, soot and dust. In addition, the cost of the heating material and the associated additional work such as wood chops or the shopping of oil is away. Added to this is the saving of the costs for the connection to the smoke deduction and the annual chimney sweep costs. 

Stand fireplace

Conclusion on electrocampins - electricity consumption and costs

If you appreciate the atmosphere of a fireplace, but the effort that is associated with it would like to avoid Electrocampe A carefree and practicable alternative to bring without much effort to bring the advantages of a fireplace home. Without fire hazard, electric fireplaces through their flame play bring a feel-good atmosphere and heat into their own four walls.

About us

At Elektrokaminshop you can use a comprehensive range of modern electrocamines with an electrical flame effect. We are competent experts for electrocamines and offer you different stand, wall and installation fireplaces from the manufacturer Richen. We are always available to provide you with any questions.

Electrical stand fireplaceare timeless classics and adapt to your individual living situation because they can be mounted in any point. Thus, a fireplace also contributes to stylish interior design. OurWall fireplaceare attached to the wall floating. Thanks to the compact dimensions of wall fireplaces, they can also be positioned in different areas in small living areas. theBuilt-in fireplace Our portfolio is particularly space -saving because they are installed directly into the wall. As a result, built-in fireplaces also have a particularly modern character. For all offered electrocamines, you do not need permission from the landlord, as the fireplace is generated electrically. Our fireplaces are available in different sizes and designs. Thanks to the generous selection of different models, you will find the perfect electric fireplace for your home.

As conventional wood fireplaces and ethanol fireplaces are always a security risk due to the fire, electric fireplaces are a practicable and secure alternative. Thanks to the latest technology, electrocampins simulate a risk-free but deceptively real fire fire through the flame effect. With the advantages of an electric carin, you can create an atmospheric and warm home atmosphere for your home.

Would you like to find out more about electrocamines? You can find information about electrocamines and their operation and costs in our informative blog posts.