Elektrokamin kaufen - Was sind die Vorteile und was die Nachteile?

Buy Electrocamin - What are the benefits and what are the disadvantages?

Buy electrocamin - yes or no?

You want to buy a fireplace and are now prior to choice: Electrocamine or wood fireplace?

An electric fireplace is a very good alternative to the classic wood fireplace and has decisive advantages in many ways. Nonetheless, there are also disadvantages that bring electrocampines.

With this article we want to give you an overview to be able to make the right decision for you with the advantages and disadvantages of electrocamines.

What are the advantages of electrocamines?

Electric fireplaces offer a range of advantages, especially in cost-technical and care technology.

Looking at the expenses, a significantly reduced effort can be used in installing an electric carin as well as the actual use. No permits, neither for owners nor for tenants, needed and an uncomplicated installation can be made. Since no smoking is needed, an electrocamin can be installed in almost every location in the house.
Even with the actual use, no wood chopping or cleaning is required, so that an electrocamin is extremely easy to clean. There are neither combustion residues nor exhaust gases emission.

Compared to ethanol fireplaces can even be heated with an electrocamin. Electric fireplaces have an integrated heating that allows you to regulate the heat. Another advantage is that heating power and flame effects can be controlled independently of each other so that they can also create a cozy ambience of warmer days.

Due to today's technology development, the flame picture hardly differs from a real one. It can be very natural and realistic both glow, logs, sparks and flames, so that nothing opposes a real "fireplace feeling" in this regard.

Another significant advantage is the aspect of safety in electric fireplaces. A real fire is always a potential source of fire and is therefore a danger point. In particular, taking into account children, an electrocamin is a much safer alternative. For safety reasons, electrocamines are also particularly well suited for public areas. When purchasing, pay attention to a CE test seal to guarantee appropriate safety standards.

Last but not least, the cost factor also plays a central role in the purchase decision. An essential advantage of electrocampines are the acquisition costs. Thus, the purchase is much cheaper than the acquisition of a wooden camera.

Electric stand fireplace in the living room

What are the disadvantages of electrocamines?

As already mentioned, electrocamines not only have advantages, but also have their disadvantages.

Depending on degree of use, the energy costs are not to be underestimated by an electric fireplace. Since electrocampines are powered by electricity, depending on the power consumption, ongoing electricity costs are applied. However, one uses an electrocamin as auxiliary heating and not as a solid heating, but the associated electricity costs are limited in limits and the cost-benefit factor relativized.

To obtain a better assessment, how high the power consumption for electrocamines is, you will find hereA detailed contribution to the topic.

Furthermore, some models do not offer sound effects, so that a romantic crackle of fire is missing in electric fireplaces. If you attach great importance, it makes sense to inform yourself in detail about the model in advance.


Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of electric fireplaces quickly becomes clear that the benefits are outweighing. Thus Electrocampe A very good alternative to create a perfect feel-good atmosphere. However, it is important to ensure that they are used only as additional heating power to keep the electricity costs as low as possible.


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At Elektrokaminshop you can use a comprehensive range of modern electrocamines with an electrical flame effect. We are competent experts for electrocamines and offer you different stand, wall and installation fireplaces from the manufacturer Richen. We are always available to provide you with any questions.

Electrical stand fireplaceare timeless classics and adapt to your individual living situation because they can be mounted in any point. Thus, a fireplace also contributes to stylish interior design. OurWall fireplaceare attached to the wall floating. Thanks to the compact dimensions of wall fireplaces, they can also be positioned in different areas in small living areas. theBuilt-in fireplace Our portfolio is particularly space -saving because they are installed directly into the wall. As a result, built-in fireplaces also have a particularly modern character. For all offered electrocamines, you do not need permission from the landlord, as the fireplace is generated electrically. Our fireplaces are available in different sizes and designs. Thanks to the generous selection of different models, you will find the perfect electric fireplace for your home.

As conventional wood fireplaces and ethanol fireplaces are always a security risk due to the fire, electric fireplaces are a practicable and secure alternative. Thanks to the latest technology, electrocampins simulate a risk-free but deceptively real fire fire through the flame effect. With the advantages of an electric carin, you can create an atmospheric and warm home atmosphere for your home.

Would you like to find out more about electrocamines? You can find information about electrocamines and their operation and costs in our informative blog posts.