Elektrokamine vs. Ethanolkamine

Electric camins vs. ethanol fireplace

Electric camins vs. ethanol fireplace

Looking for an alternative for a true stove, you usually encounter two different ways, namely Electrocampe and ethanol fireplaces. These two species differ significantly in their functioning. To give you the decision Electrocamine or facilitate an ethanol fireplace, we will explain the more accurate differences in this blog post.

How do ethanol fireplaces work?

As the name suggests, an ethanol fireplace is filled with the liquid fuel bio-ethanol. For a bioethanol fireplace, a real fire is produced by ignited alcohol. A ethanol fireplace is not tied to a chimney despite true flames, and a permit of the landlord is not necessary. However, the combustion process produces carbon monoxide, which is why the lack of chimney has necessarily ensured that the space is always well-ventilated. Although the real fireplace is very authentic, however, also carries great dangers. Filling of ethanol chambers is particularly dangerous because it must be ensured that no flames flame more inside the ethanol fireplace and it is sufficiently cooled. Mostly the flame only expires when the filled bioethanol completely burned. Overall, the safety requirements for a ethanolic fireplace are very high and the operability is designed as complicated, as high precautions are offered in the handling and filling of a ethanol fireplace. Another disadvantage of ethanol fireplaces is that these do not produce real heat and thus can only be used as a pure deco fireplace.

Electric cams are the safe and carefree alternative to ethanol fireplaces

Electric cams convince as an alternative fireplace style with a deceptively genuine flame game generated with the help of innovative techniques. Electrocaminee Convince with their surprisingly easy operation, as opposed to a conventional stove, because it is only needed a power connection and a power outlet. Thus, an electrocamin works like an electric heater. The risk of an open fire falls away from electrocamines. Another advantage of one Electrocamine is that unlike ethanol chambers no additional fuel is needed. The deceptively real-acting flame clearance, which can be seen in the electrocamin, is generated electrically and is therefore completely harmless, which is why one Electrocamine In any case safe and less care intensive is as an ethanol fireplace. In addition, in electrocamines, in addition to the flame game, a separate heating is usually installed, which can be used flexibly and can be easily served. The additional heating power at Electrocamins thus generates A natural and authentic heat feeling.


Although ethanol fireplaces create a real and thus particularly authentic firebire fire, but they also bring dangers with themselves and the use proves to be complicated and dangerous. Just an open fire always means a high Security risk. Electrocampe On the other hand, scores with many advantages above all in terms of safety and practicable usability. At the ethanol fireplace there is a greater risk of accidents than electrocamines. In addition, electrocampins are in nothing easier by their deceptively real-acting flaming game Ethanol chimneys. On the contrary, with one Electrocamine Create a safe and cozy feel-good atmosphere for your home without risk and great effort. Thanks to the latest technology, electrocampines simulate a risk-free but deceptively real fireplace through the flame effect. A Electrocamine is therefore definitely the safer alternative, which allows you to enjoy a fireplace carefree. With the advantages of a Electrocamin So create an atmospheric and warm home atmosphere for your home.

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At Elektrokaminshop you can use a comprehensive range of modern electrocamines with an electrical flame effect. We are competent experts for electrocamines and offer you different stand, wall and installation fireplaces from the manufacturer Richen. We are always available to provide you with any questions.

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As conventional wood fireplaces and ethanol fireplaces are always a security risk due to the fire, electric fireplaces are a practicable and secure alternative. Thanks to the latest technology, electrocampins simulate a risk-free but deceptively real fire fire through the flame effect. With the advantages of an electric carin, you can create an atmospheric and warm home atmosphere for your home.

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