Experteninterview von mit Philipp Ink, Geschäftsführer der IN & OUT HOUSE GmbH

Expert interview from with Philipp Ink, Managing Director of In & Out House GmbH

In February 2021, the team of expertests asked our participation in an expert interview on the topic of electrocampines. is a TÜV-certified comparison portal and offers consumers informative product comparisons in a wide variety of categories. Among other things, expertiest operates a bottom on the topic "Electrocamine test"With useful information about the purchase of an electric carin. As part of the short interview, the team of most expertiest four questions placed together. Philipp Ink, Managing Director of In & Out House GmbH and operators of the online shop has answered these questions.

Expert: What will be the central trends in 2021 of their assessment (regarding product theme electrocamin)?

Philipp Ink: Already last year, demand for built-in fireplaces, ie electrocamines that are installed in the wall (example: Rich electric built-in fireplace Fiamma), gone up. This trend will continue this year. In addition, we find that customers are increasingly interested in customizing the flame picture. Our flame effects can therefore be set in different intensities and colors. In addition, the scope of supply of many of our electrocamines includes logs, pebbles and glass granules, so that the customer can also physically change the flame picture.

Expert: What is your opinion particularly important when buying an electrocamine - What should buyers pay attention?

Philipp Ink: The real sense of an electrocamin consists of the fact that the electrocamin has a realistic flame image, which matches the flame picture of a true fireplace, and at the same time generating the heat that creates a real fire fire. The buyers should pay particular attention to these two aspects. In addition, it is essential to note that the electrocamin meets the legal minimum requirements and thus does not provide a source of danger.

Expert: Which usps have their products?

Philipp Ink: Some of our electrocamines already have integrated crackling function (example: Rich electric built-in fireplace Calida), so that in addition to the flame picture, the crackle of a true fireplace is simulated. In addition, our electrocampines are very innovative and smart in the controller. This means that, for example, they are equipped with an automatic temperature control, as well as with overheating protection and an open window protection. Of course, it is also possible to connect our electrocamines via a WLAN socket with Alexa etc. and thus enable control via app or language.

Expert: Where can consumers acquire their products?

Philipp Ink: We, the In & Out House GmbH, sell our electrocampines of the brands Richen and Crownflame Europe-wide. The sale takes place via our own Online shop. Of course, you will also find our electrocampins on many online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Real, Otto, Wayfair, Metro, MediaMarkt, Voelkner, Hood, Check24, Globus, Hellweg, Norma, Aldi delivers Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord.