Stromverbrauch Elektrokamine 2023

How much electricity does an electrocamine really use?

The supply of our households with energy is the most important prerequisite for comfortable and safe life. All households and thus millions of consumers are currently affected by the energy crisis, which is related to the supply of some fossil fuels. But the conversion of German energy supply with sustainable energy solutions also affects availability and costs. The energy crisis is not a German problem, but affects many people worldwide. The fossil fuels are primarily affected for the generation of heat: gas and oil. But electricity generation also suffers from current developments. The result is massive price increases in all energy areas. Time to take a closer look at the electricity consumption of our electrocamines.

Table of contents

  1. What are the advantages of electrocamines?
  2. Luxury or necessity?
  3. How much electricity does an electrocamine use?
  4. Conclusion

What are the advantages of electrocamines?

Fireplaces in general are a heating agent that has been used for centuries. Initially, the focus was on the production of heat and thus the heating. For a long time it was the only way to heat rooms and houses. Even in times of modern heating systems, people enjoy the effect of fireplaces. They create warmth and cosiness. Traditional fireplaces with chimney connection and ash disposal occur almost exclusively in single-family houses. In apartments it is exotic.

Here electrocamines can play their full strength. They are very easy to put into operation because they only have to be connected to a socket. They do not have to be approved or approved by the landlord. The care of fuel and the disposal of ashes also belong to the past. There are many models that differ in functional scope and especially in design. All models of our brands RICHEN, Crownflame and Balderia have the realistic 3D flame effect and thus the most important function of an electrocamin: a deceptively real flame. Depending on the model, there are other LED lighting options: ambient lighting or an illuminated embers. With the right crackling sound, the effect becomes even better. Almost all fireplaces are also equipped with a heating fan system. This enables heat generation and is so strong that entire rooms can be completely heated if necessary.

Luxury or necessity

The answer to this question is always in the eye of the viewer. In warm regions, where there is not necessarily a installed heating system, the fireplaces are justified as a selective heating. However, it can generally be discussed excellently about which temperatures are perceived as necessary and luxurious in a room.

We see our fireplace primarily as a "decorative furniture with an additional range of functions". The large selection of different types and designs of the fireplace also speaks for this. This ensures the individual touch in every room, according to personal taste.

How much storm does an electrocamine use?

Let's do nails with heads and become concrete. Are electrocamines priceless energy slides that ruin the environment and wallet equally or is it a gadget that creates wonderful experiences with little costs?

When calculating, a clear distinction must be made between decoration and heating function. We simply do it and use a high average electricity price of 40 cents per kilowatt hour. Of course, this is individual depending on the region, acceptance and other discounts.

An average fireplace (e.g. the RICHEN Wall fireplace Alva) has a flame picture, ambient lighting and the heating function. The consumption looks like this:

Flame: 6 watts (2 watts for the lighting and 4 watts for the flame movement using driven wave)
Ambient lighting: 7 watts
Heating power: 2000 watts (the higher the service, the higher the heating power. Fireplaces automatically regulate the necessary service depending on the default, so that this represents the maximum value under full load.)

The performance indication refers to the use per hour. When displaying in kilowatt hours, the values ​​look as follows:

Flame: 0.006 kilowatts
Ambient lighting: 0.007 kilowatts
Heating power: 2 kilowatts

We can conveniently offset these values ​​with the electricity price per kilowatt hour:

Flame: 0.24 cents = 0.0024 euros in an hour
Ambient lighting: 0.28 cents = 0.0028 euros in one hour
Heating power: 80 cents = 0.80 euros in one hour

For the fireplace connoisseur, means:

Cozy evening over 4 hours exclusively with flame and lighting: 0.0208 euros. That is only 2.08 cents.
Special heating of a room over 2 hours: 1.60 euros.


It is quite exciting to look at the concrete numbers. We understand the heating function as a short -term, selective way to create a cozy ambience or to achieve short -term heat generation. The latter can make sense in the transition period if the heating system is not yet switched on. A temporary high heating of a room by means of space heating is also very energy and costly.

With regard to the decorative, flame and light options, electricity consumption is very low thanks to LED technology. The cost of a cozy evening is almost unable to use and everyone can use the advantages of our fireplace without a guilty conscience for the environment and wallet for longer periods.