Electric built-in fireplace FIAMMA 60 "- Rich electrocamine

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  • Delivery time: 2-3 days*
  • LED lighting in 13 different colors
  • 5 brightness levels of the flame effect
  • 1-2 kW heating power over electricity
  • Absolutely realistic 3D flame effect
  • Digital remote control
  • Incl. Thermostat for controlling room temperature
  • Including timer
  • Dimensions: 1530 x 145 x 515 mm(W x H x D)
  • Flame picture / window size: 1300 x 285 mm (W x H)
  • Including installation instructions

    This electrocamin is provided for wall installation. It looks modern and resembles a flat screen from the first impression. The electrical connection is possible via a connector connection or a direct connection via cable.

    The cable length is 1.8 meters. It is a 220/240 volt plug for conventional sockets in Germany.

    The heat output is 1-2 kW. Based on the remote control, the desired room temperature can be entered. The fireplace is always on standby with respect to the room temperature. Whether the fireplace heats, you decide on the basis of the ventilation. The ventilation can be hired in 2 stages.

    The fireplace has a beautiful flame effect and a 13 color lighting, which can be easily operated via the supplied digital remote control.

    You can choose at any time in which the 13 colors you want to make your fireplace shine alternatively, you can also select that the mood light is gradually changed by each of the 13 colors (about every 10 sec.)

    The flame effect can be set by the remote control by hand on intensity and brightness by the remote control.

    The digital remote control contains a seven-day programming, a thermostat with display, room temperature detection, detection for open windows and an adaptive startup control.

    This product is suitable for well-insulated rooms, as well as occasional use.

    The electric built-in fireplace

    Electricity is basically available. Anyone who is happy to relate the so-called green stream can easily decide for an electrically operated installation fireplace. Because there are no resources such as wood, coal, oil or gas needed. Compared to other types of heating with open fire, an electronic fireplace does not produce open flames and thus no carbon monoxide. Incidentally, bioethanol fireplaces can also produce carbon monoxide.

    This is how it works: heat without fireplace connection with a built-in fireplace

    An electronic fireplace can be used varies. Depending on the facts of the house comes another, positive aspect to carry: the electrocamin does not require a chimney connection. The approval of the chimney sheen or the decrease in the heating point is not required. Thus, these costs are also accounted for and the built-in fireplace can be installed where it is needed. This electrocamine is provided for wall-mounting. It looks modern and resembles a flat screen from the first impression. The electrical connection is possible via a plug connection or a direct connection via cable (1.8m).

    An electronic built-in fireplace for the modern living room

    With the classic built-in fireplace with wood, it must also be cleaned accordingly. The purge is associated with daily work that must be done before the built-in fireplace is restored. Different with the electrocamin. There are no residues. Exactly it is an eco-friendly option for heating.

    Dimensions & details

    ‎25 x 89 x 88.3 cm (TxBxH)

    Shipping & return

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    Unique fireplace effect

    Thanks to the unique 3D flame effects, experience the most realistic fireplace in your four walls. The more natural representation of wood and embers enchant your living area in an oasis of wellbeing.

    Sparingly heat

    Real fireplace feeling thanks to heating. The heating output can be switched into 2 levels (1000/2000 W) and can also heat larger rooms without any problems. Enjoy the comfortable, warm fireplace feeling on cool evenings. Even without heating an eye -catcher - for perfect summer nights. Temperature profiles ensure a pre -selected, constant temperature level. Overheating protection!

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