Balderia Frida Elektrokamin - Camine with additional compartment and heating 2000 W, realistic 3D flame effect, remote control, timer, thermostat - Helle oak

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Original fireplace effect: Realistic fireplace fire with a 3D flame effect. True to nature of wood and embers. Great heat experience through switchable heating function. Balderia Electrocamins are suitable for all rooms and easy to put into operation.

HEATER: Power-powered heating alternative and real fireplace experience in one. The enormous heating output of the electrocamin can also easily heat larger rooms. A comfortable and warm fireplace at any time. Even without heating an eye -catcher - for perfect summer nights. Temperature selection ensures a pre -selected, constant temperature level. Double security through overheating protection and open-window detection!

REMOTE CONTROL: A remote control (including batteries) is already included. This means that the 3D flame effects, heating fans, temperature, timer and programming can be easily operated.

LED technology: Flames and embers are operated by modern and energy-saving LED technology and impress their lighting effect. Realistic 3D flame effect with 3 different flame images.

DESIGN: The Balderia e-fireplace Frida is timelessly impressive and fits perfectly with modern and classic furnishing styles. The additional subject creates even more options for use and decoration. Valuately processed, the fireplace is stable and firmly on different substrates. The surface coated with melamine resin is robust and scratch-resistant.

Sustainable and safe: Decorative fireplaces do not burn fossil fuels and can be operated CO2-neutral. There is no soot and no dangerous carbon monoxide. No fire, no risk of combustion and therefore harmless to small children and pets. Thanks to the Open Window Detection, the heating function is switched off when identifying open windows.


Dimensions & details

Kaminmantel: 85 x 65 x 23 cm (H x B x T).
Kamin-Fenster: 58 x 44 cm (H x B)

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Unique fireplace effect

Thanks to the unique 3D flame effects, experience the most realistic fireplace in your four walls. The more natural representation of wood and embers enchant your living area in an oasis of wellbeing.

Sparingly heat

Real fireplace feeling thanks to heating. The heating output can be switched into 2 levels (1000/2000 W) and can also heat larger rooms without any problems. Enjoy the comfortable, warm fireplace feeling on cool evenings. Even without heating an eye -catcher - for perfect summer nights. Temperature profiles ensure a pre -selected, constant temperature level. Overheating protection!