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Richen Elektrokamin - Electric Wall Fireplace Enja

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Richen Elektrokamin - Electric Wall Fireplace Enja

  • LED lighting in 13 different colors
  • Flame effect in 4 levelsdimmable
  • 1-2 kW heating power over electricity
  • Absolutely realistic flame effect
  • Digital remote control
  • Including thermostat to control the room temperature
  • Including timer
  • Dimensions: 910 x 580 x 180 mm(B x H X T)
  • Flame picture/ window size: 515 x 254 mm (B x H)
  • Uncomplicated self -establishment

This electrocamine is intended for wall mounting and is installed in a short time. It looks modern and resembles a flat screen from the first impression. The outer glass pane is slightly curved outwards.

The cable length is 1.7 meters. It is a 220/240 volt plug for customary sockets in Germany.

The heat output is 1-2 kW. The desired room temperature can be entered based on the remote control. The fireplace is always on standby with regard to the room temperature. You decide whether the fireplace heats up on the basis of the ventilation. The ventilation can be made in 2 levels.

The chimney fire has a wonderful flame effect and 13 color lighting, which can be easily operated via the supplied LCD display remote control.

You can choose at any time in which the 13 colors you want to shine your fireplace, alternatively you can also select that the mood light gradually changes through each of the 13 colors (approx. Every 10 seconds)

The LED flame effect can be set for intensity and brightness via the remote control.

The digital remote control has a 7-day program forward, a thermostat with a display, a room temperature recording, and a sensor for detection for open windows.

This product is suitable for well -insulated rooms and occasional use.

This electric fireplace is a helpful partner, especially in the transitional times, and ensures cosiness.

Dimensions & details

18 x 91 x 58 cm (T x W x H)

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Unique fireplace effect

Thanks to the unique 3D flame effects, experience the most realistic fireplace in your four walls. The more natural representation of wood and embers enchant your living area in an oasis of wellbeing.

Sparingly heat

Real fireplace feeling thanks to heating. The heating output can be switched into 2 levels (1000/2000 W) and can also heat larger rooms without any problems. Enjoy the comfortable, warm fireplace feeling on cool evenings. Even without heating an eye -catcher - for perfect summer nights. Temperature profiles ensure a pre -selected, constant temperature level. Overheating protection!