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We offer youdifferent versionsof electrocaminesin stylish designat.

The electrocamin - cozy firebire fire from the socket

A fire fire ensures an incomparable atmosphere in its own four walls. In the cold winter months, the idea of ​​warming up with a hot drink in front of the blazing flames of a fireplace, especially attractive. But for a variety of reasons, the installation of a traditional stove is not always possible or even useful. Genuine fire also always holds a certain security risk. The electrocamin, however, offers a safe and easily installable fireplace variant.

The artificial flame pictures look deceptively real and bring the comfortable mood of a fireplace in the smallest apartments, without no chimney connection.

Our electrocampines with heating function convince with their high quality design while at the same time highest security. The heating of an electrocamin is to be compared with a conventional electric heater as they can be found on the market.

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The advantages of electrocamine - more than an alternative

The electric carin offers numerous advantages over traditional wooden furnaces, making it far more than just an alternative. More and more people opt for the electrical variant of the fireplace.

The biggest advantage of the electrocamin is probably concerned the safety aspect. In particular, families with children or pets are well advised with an electric fireplace, because there is no risk of fire due to spark flight, nor harmful emissions. Thus, the electrocamin also applies as an environmentally friendly alternative to the stove.

Another plus is the simplicity, both the installation and operation. The commissioning and maintenance of a fireplace, which is operated with wood or coal, can designate quite expensive. A chimney connection is needed, heating material must be worried and stored regularly and also the annual visit of a chimney sheen is necessary. On the other hand, the electrocamin must, if necessary, only mounted and connected to a power outlet to be put into operation. Most electric cams can then be conveniently operated by remote control.

Modern electrocampines are usually also equipped with a heating function, which can be switched on and off independently of the flame picture. Another advantage over the open fireplace, because the heat that emanates from open fire can not be easily parked. In this way, you can also enjoy the coziness of the flames in the warmer seasons, without heating up the premises.

The most important functions of an electric carin

Electric campains have various functions that you should pay attention to the purchase to find the electric fireplace that best suits your needs.

Unavoidable for an electrocamin is a realistic flame effect, which ensures a pleasant atmosphere. But even here there are differences in the setting possibilities. Most flame images are dimmable to adjust the intensity of the flame image to the lighting conditions or the desired mood. Some electrocampines also offer flame pictures in different colors or styles.

Furthermore, there is a heating function, because especially in winter plays the comforting warmth, which goes out of the fireplace, a crucial role for the right fireplace feeling. It is particularly practical if the heating power is adjustable and the electrocamin has a thermostat for setting the desired temperature. A shutdown automatic can also be useful in the context.

Some electrocampins have an additional atmospheric light, which is generated for example by an LED light band on the chimney coat. Often, it can be changed between different colors depending on the mood.

A crackle function simulates the crackle and prassements of an open fire in the stove. In this way, the electric fireplace is even more realistic. Corresponding noise modules are already integrated with some fireplaces, but they can also be purchased individually.

It is particularly practicable if these functions can be conveniently controlled by using a remote control. For example, the intensity of the flame image, the heating function or the backlight can easily be adjusted from the sofa. In addition, it has advantages when the functions can be independently turned on and off. In this way, you can only activate the functions that you want to use at any time.

Versatile and space-efficient: the different types of electrocamin

The electrocamin is available in numerous variants and styles. In this way, there is a suitable fireplace for each residential concept. With regard to the installation, the classic stand fireplace certainly offers the simplest way. Stand fireplaces are simply set up after installation anywhere in the area near a power outlet. After connection to the power grid, these are ready for operation.

A special kind of stand fireplace is the corner fireplace. Electric corner fireplaces are designed so that they optimally insert themselves into each right-angled space area. The corner fireplace is particularly space-saving, as free space corners can be efficiently used in this way. In addition, corner fireplaces look almost like a customization with the seamless adaptation to the room angle, just tailored to their premises.

Another possibility offers the electric wall fireplace, which is simply mounted on the desired location on the wall. The wall fireplace has the advantage, especially in smaller premises, that the footprint, which would occupy a stand fireplace, remains free. For example, the wall fireplace can be placed over a table or a small stand rack to make the space particularly space-efficient.

Electric built-in fireplaces enjoy great popularity. The installation is slightly more expensive than that of a stand fireplace, since first a wall niche must be set up, in which the built-in fireplace is later used. At the same time, however, the seamless transition between wall and electrocamin offers a very special optics and conveys the impression of a custom made for their four walls. Added to this is the aspect of the particularly efficient use of space.

Compared to traditional stoves, the electrocamin can therefore be completely free in their own premises. The only requirement is a power connection. Whether the electrocamin should donate its warm ambience in a spacious living room or a small bedroom, for each residential concept, the right model can be found. Also in the selection of the room no limits are set, as long as it has a power outlet. However, the electrocamin is usually designed for indoor use only and not for outdoor use.

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From classic to modern - the electrocamin in numerous styles

In addition to the matching chimney type to the spatial conditions, of course, the style of the electrocamin plays a crucial role in the selection. Finally, the electrocamin should be visually suitable for its own furnishing style and rounding off this at best as a very special eye-catcher. Like the different types of electric carin, the styles are very diverse. From classic stand chimney, which reminiscent of the optics of traditional wood stoves over minimalist electrocamps with clear lines to modern, flat wall fireplaces, which are visually reminiscent of a flat screen TV, everything is represented.

Also, the materials from which the electrocampines are manufactured varies. Frequently, the chimney unit is enclosed by a fireplace coat made of mid-poor wood fiberboard (MDF). Flat wall fireins are often made of metal. In addition, the color concepts of the electric carines also vary.

What is the power consumption of an electric fireplace?

Often, the electrocamin has the question of power consumption. This depends heavily on the use of the fireplace. If the flame picture is mainly used, only very low electricity costs are to be expected. The use of an atmospheric light is not strongly reflected in the price due to LED technology. The highest power consumption usually comes about over the heating function. Occasionally, the electrocamin to use as an additional, atmospheric heat source is completely harmless in terms of electricity costs. Only the heating of the premises over the electrocamin as the only heat source is little efficient and leads to increased electricity costs. An electrocamin is not intended as heating replacement and should therefore only be used as occasional, additional heat source. With proper use, therefore, there is no significant increase in electricity costs due to the electrocamin.

Conclusion: That's why an electrocamin is worthwhile

The electrocamin enjoys great popularity - in the light of its numerous advantages. In addition to the safety aspect, the simplicity of installation, convenient operation and variety of setting options as well as the different number of chimney and styles, which can be optimally integrated optimally. In this way, everyone finds the electrocamin, which best suits into their own four walls.

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